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The back-end of our applications is written in PHP and we store any transactional data securely in MySQL databases. CodeIgniter is one of our favourite MVC based frameworks but we can also work with any other source code on-demand

On the front-end we use a combination of HTML, CSS stylesheets, JQuery, Bootstrap and high quality graphic designs in order to make your application not only work great but also look stunning in order to achieve the right user experience

Our managed private cloud is hosted over multiple locations across The Netherlands to ensure the highest levels of security, data privacy and availability.

Contact us to request a quote to process your data via our DPS technology

Phone +31203694318
KVK 72813490
BTW NL144760332B01
Postal Postbus 8090, 3301CB
Dordrecht, The Netherlands

we deliver top-notch application development secure managed hosting solutions and Linux engineering to our clients ∞

We will take excellent care of the development life-cycle of your application from the first concept drawing to active development and managed hosting on our private cloud.

Our Data Processing Services will correlate cleanse and validate data interactions from your historic and online sources into validated profiles that are insightful, actionable and automatically kept up-to-date


Application Development

We develop on the frontend as well as on the backend of your new or existing application. We also create custom API endpoints and establish secure REST integrations with other systems
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We are constantly monitoring our private cloud hosting environment to ensure the highest levels of availability, performance and data security for your application or website
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Data Processing Services

Upload historic spreadsheets and connect your online forms and applications easily via a simple POST or custom API integrations. After doing so you will be able to cleanse, de-duplicate, validate, segment, re-model and correlate the source data interactions into unique profiles that are always up-to-date


Linux Engineering

With more then two decades of experience on all major distributions we can and will take excellent care of your hosting environment. We also provide our engineering services on a freelance basis to perform various automation, maintenance or other required tasks on-demand

Next to maintenance and security tasks we also program in BASH, Perl and CRON which enables us to automate various backend tasks on your Linux server to compliment the application or website and optimize security, performance and availability