we design, build and host innovative cloud applications

It does not matter where you currently are in the creative process we will build in such a way that your application not only works great but also looks amazing at the same time.

Our task-force of highly skilled developers are ready to take on any size of project and are looking forward to show you nothing less then excellence and perfection.

We will design a unique face for your application and spend a lot of time on the UX to make sure your application not only looks beautiful but is also self-explanatory. The colors and graphics used in the design will strongly reflect and compliment your corporate identity.

The databases behind your application will be designed and carefully put together to make sure your application is saving the data efficiently and most of all safely. Nothing should be saved twice unless absolutely needed and logical connections made between the tables are essential to make sure the application does not become slow in any way for the user.

Your new cloud application will be receiving and sending data via secure REST API connections with other systems such as your CRM or marketing automation solution. Allowing for a seamless integration with your already existing digital existense. You can also hire us on-demand to create any other custom REST API integration.

Your brand new application will be hosted on our secure manged private cloud environment, where we will make sure that your application is performing correctly and is always available. We are monitoring this environment and your application 24x7 so that we can up-scale the power of your dedicated VPS pro-actively whenever this is needed to handle the traffic.

In 2017 we started developing a new technology to cleanse, correlate and validate contact data.

This cloud technology will protect all of your digital assets from visitors with a bad reputation keeping your vital assets available and secured.

We have a wide range of open source applications that we can set up for you on our managed private cloud. These applications will help your business to improve on internal communications and data sharing capabilities and will have a primary focus on keeping your critical business data safe from criminals online. We are constantly improving on the direct integrations between these cloud applications in order to assist your business to protect your data and thrive with affective tools.

With over 20 years of experience with all major distributions we are ready to perform any task for you on a freelance basis. We specialize in data migrations and custom backup or replication routines.

We are looking forward to hear from you!


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